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Launch a Wellness Business

“Don't just make an income.

Make an impact.”

Kenneth Todd


My life drastically changed when a friend shared essential oils with me and asked if I wanted to launch an essential oil business with her. That decision was one of the best decisions of my entire life! 

Here's what it did for me:

  • I got to work mainly from home and still be with my kids

  • I got to set my office hours rather than reporting to a boss

  • I feel in love with work again.  Work felt like play. I was getting paid to help others on their healing journey and it felt great to be "that person" in their lives who made a difference

  • I discovered strengths and talents I didn't know I had

  • My coaching practice flourished as my clients saw even more drastic results and my oil business brought in an additional stream of income

  • I stopped trading time for money and created wealth (the kind that you make while you sleep)

  • I retired in my 30's to pursue my greater passions and contribution

  • I found life-long friends and incredible mentors who shaped me for the better

  • I stopped playing small and showed up to be an agent of positive change in the world - the way I dreamed I could

The response to these amazing products has been overwhelming and I have only just begun. My business partners change the way people live, think and experience life.  Their stories and impact are incredible and I am so proud of the work they do in the world. 

"One night two and a half years ago, I was blindly staring out the window doing dishes feeling sorry for myself. Nothing made me smile. I was going through the motions of motherhood and daily life, just BLAH. I thought to myself, "This is not me. This is not who I am. I am happy. I am positive. I have to make a change consciously. Only I can heal myself."


I started scrolling on Insta and saw a good friend's post that said: "leadership position available." I took a screenshot of it on my phone (which I still have) as I knew at that moment, it was my saving grace. It was how I was going to get back to "me" and heal my mind, body, spirit.

I dove into natural healthcare and fully entrenched myself daily. I'd stay up super late, reading books and educating myself on these oils, planning out my posts to my oil community that didn't even exist yet. I found a light in my soul that I thought had been gone out forever. I found me. The real me. I had a new purpose, and this purpose not only would help other people but save me. I am happy. I am truly HAPPY.  We have every opportunity to lead a life that we want to live. Sometimes you have to dig deeper than you ever thought, but you can find your way out of the dark. You can find your HAPPY. I am blessed."

Meredith Reiley, doTERRA Diamond Wellness Advocate



It's important that this business partnership is the right fit.


I want to explore a possible partnership with you IF ANY of these things ring true. You:

  • Want to create an amazing residual income doing what you love

  • Are a natural leader and achiever, like to have goals and are not afraid to go after them

  • Want to be a part of a global community of ethical, heart-centered, wellness-minded entrepreneurs  

  • Enjoy personal and leadership development and mentoring others

  • Are a life or health coach or have a wellness practice that you desire to expand and monetize

  • Have social influence with an online following

  • Have a good rapport with people

  • Love people and they love and trust you

  • Enjoy building businesses, are a business professional, or want to be in business for yourself

  • Want top-notch wellness products, education, and support for yourself, your family and your clients 

  • Like to have fun, and you are fun to be with (cause I think partnerships should be fun)

This will NOT be a good fit if you:

  • Are looking for a get rich quick scheme

  • Have zero work ethic 

  • Have a "me first" attitude and aren't sincerely interested in helping others 

  • Are NOT teachable and NOT a team player

  • Are not willing or unable to invest in your own health by maintaining a 100 PV monthly order requirement to earn commissions

  • Are not willing to try new things and get out of your comfort zone

  • Refuse to set goals and need to be constantly motivated

  • Aren't interested in building your business, but having someone else build it for you for free

  • Have an active doTERRA account on another team​ (this means you are ordering product regularly)


Who does well at this? Inspiring, cause-driven, everyday people (people just like you), who want to make a difference. Our global team is made up of thousands throughout the world who are:

  • stay at home moms

  • social media influencers

  • life and health coaches

  • health care professionals (holistic and traditional)

  • business owners

  • spa directors and massage therapist

  • hospice organizations

  •  yoga instructors

  • professional chefs

  • network marketers

  • professional opera singers and dancers

  • attorneys

  • Olympic athletes and sports teams

  • celebrities

  • police officers

  • teachers

  • authors

  • And so many others looking for exceptional health options for everyday needs

I have found that your background doesn't matter as much as your intention and desires for your future and for the future of the people you will impact because you said "yes" to something more.

Doterra Kalli Wilson 06-2018-212_edited.

Let's get serious. If I’m speaking your language or sparked curiosity, apply below or shoot me an email to get the ball rolling. We are super chill and want to help you make the best decision for your future. Again, the right fit is everything and for the right person, this business is AMAZING! 


When you enroll with a kit and join my team as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate you gain access to:

  • The world's finest essential oils and wellness products 

  • A powerful partnership with an award-winning company

  • Personal and group business coaching with me and my top-ranked leaders

  • Exclusive live calls, webinars, promotions, and training events

  • Private access to our team's website with online courses (valued at over $1000)  including:

    • ​Essential Oil Business Bootcamp

    • Train by Rank Business Mastery 

    • 30 Days of Mentor Calls  

    • 30 Days of Mindset Calls

    • Essential Oil Home Expert

    • And much more!!!

  • Membership to our team's private Facebook group ($500 value) 

  • A welcome box from me with my favorite gifts and resources to help you launch your business delivered to your home ($30 value)

  • BONUS: When you join my team, you get to be apart of our team's Healing Hands initiative to prevent human trafficking and alleviate poverty through micro-lending in Madagascar.  A portion of the proceeds of my business goes to support the Elevatus Foundation


Get started right away by getting an essential oil starter kit.

Email to let my team know you're onboard and ready to go.


amy glenn_edited.jpg

I love helping people work through their challenges, find their unique “voice,” and obtain the courage & commitment to embrace their higher purpose.  I am so grateful Kalli presented me with the opportunity to combine that passion with a vehicle to create an income.  It has changed everything and I now have a global business that expands every day.

Amy Glenn
doTERRA Blue Diamond


Check our family's video that documents one year in the life of our doTERRA adventure. Although we do work primarily from home, our adventures took us around the world sharing precious essential oils with people who were ready and waiting.


We started an essential oil business because my husband was struggling with health issues, our small piano business tanked, and we needed a new income - FAST. I had to do something to support our family, but I had three young children at home that I didn't want to leave for 40+ hours a week. I was desperate for change.  

I wanted a business that I could run mainly from home that could create a residual income – the type of money you make while you sleep or are on vacation. 

Why? My husband and I had big plans and dreams. We didn't want to be locked down to a 9-5.  We didn't want to be "in trouble" if another family crisis made it impossible for my husband or me to work. We wanted a solid back-up plan for our children's sake. We also didn't want a cap on the income and impact we could make.

Guess what happened? My friend Melissa Cannon gave us a precious gift. She told us about doTERRA. Even though I was skeptical at first, I told her I would try the products. They help my husband and my children so much. We were wowed!  We were clueless and had no idea the difference essential oils could make when used right. 

I vowed I would NEVER do the business, but I couldn't help but share the oil experiences we were having with my parents, sisters, and friends.  Soon they were asking how to get doTERRA products in their homes too. 


Sharing came so naturally that I decided to look at the business opportunity. It checked out. Everything about the company and the compensation plan was spot-on.  It met all of our business requirements – almost as if it had been perfectly packaged just for us. 

I attended the annual doTERRA Convention and knew in my heart that we could make a difference in the world. I invited others to join me. My business began to grow, flourish, and spread across the globe.

What started as just a dream, became so much more than we had ever hoped or envisioned! We worked hard, remained focused, and achieved the sales rank of Presidential Diamonds (the highest sales rank in the company).  Our leaders became outstanding wellness educators, business mentors, and mind-set coaches training multiple times at the international corporate level.

When you love what you do, work is play and play is work.


My team knows what it takes to be wildly successful at this. If you have similar vision, passion, work ethic, and are highly cause-driven to help other people progress, reach out.  We want to know you.  Let's see what good in the world we can create together. It is time to have some FUN!

Reach out by applying below and email



Shoot me a message to get the ball rolling.
My team will get back to you shortly.

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