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Signature Programs

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Kathy Mercado, RN

"This Life ReLaunch Project was the best program I have ever done. It was filled with the best tools for life. I am so grateful to you Kalli, thank you so much.”

Cami Cooper, Mom and Entrepreneur

“I am going back through and redoing all the lessons as I feel a desire to deepen the impact on my life. It has been beautiful and challenging. Thank you so much Kalli and all of you for doing this with me."

Ruth Kau, HI

“Loved the Family Relaunch Project so much!!! I’m definitely better off because of it. Calmer parent, calmer kids, more loving home..”

Beth Wray, OH

"Before the Family ReLaunch, I felt like a failure and overwhelmed. Now I feel in control of myself, more peaceful and way less overwhelmed."

Shanell Chung, Start-Up Entrepreneur, HI

"This is the first life coaching course I've ever taken and I absolutely love, love, love it! I can't stop talking about it. I just want to share the tools, activities, and ah-mazing-ness with everyone!"

Uakea Egami, Holistic Practioner, Wailaau Road

"Kalli helped me to clarify my purpose. Within one month of participating in Life Relaunch, I launched my Acupressure and Relaxation Therapy practice. My business is now exploding! I have clients in California, Kansas, Oregon, Australia, Arizona, and Hawaii. Kalli will call forth your greatness! No more excuses. Get your soul synced, my friends!"

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