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3 Keys to Run a More Successful Home

without losing your mind, temper or business

You can have a HAPPY HOME  

no matter what's happening in the world...

Join our FREE Family ReLaunch Mini-Intensive ($49 value). In this 90 minute workshop, you will learn that:

  1. Feeling worn out, wiped out, and tired of the tantrums and never-ending power struggles is OPTIONAL.

  2. Yelling, threatening, and fighting (and other bad habits) can end for good with the right system and skills.

  3. Proper planning and practice can shift an emotional, reactive, and "you are grounded forever" parent FAST.

  4. You can unlock your full parenting potential with powerful tools and support. This is where LEGACY PARENTING begins (and your great-grandchildren will thank you).

  5. Loving family relationships are easier than you think…AND…when your family is not draining you of energy and confidence, your business can flourish!


  • You're busy and don't have a lot of time 

  • Your family is still in survival mode, and you're ready for something better

  • You want a proven, simple, step-by-step approach to parenting that gets results quickly (even for the most challenging families)

  • You work or run a business from home and need better structure so both your family and business can flourish

  • You're children are remote learning or homeschooling and still facing behavior battles

  • You're a high achiever that wants to maximize the time you have with your children and parent your children on a higher level  



Nicholeen Peck

World-recognized parenting expert, author, speaker, and media personality, Nicholeen developed her self-government principles as a foster mom to teens. Her calm parenting method was so successful she was featured in a one-hour documentary on the BBC. She has helped thousands of families achieve better unity and connection and serves as a consultant to the U.N.


Kalli Wilson

Kalli is a holistic life transformation coach, global wellness educator, and founder of the Life ReLaunch Project. A mother to five who built a highly profitable business that now reaches 20+ countries, she is passionate about teaching busy parents how to create structure and order at home and work so both can thrive.

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Choose from 3 LIVE workshops!

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"Before the program, I felt a lot of mom guilt and like I was failing as a parent, but now I feel like I have the right tools to change the future of my family and be able to bring my daughter up in a way that will allow her to be successful 

Jamie Perry, Family ReLaunch Project Graduate

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