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What's the Life ReLaunch Project?

It's a 5-week online video course that gives you the foundational pieces to overhaul your life, set the right goals, and create the strategy to get what you want - FASTER. 


With effective tools, touchpoints, and systems, getting to the next level of success, confidence, and impact doesn't have to take months, years or decades.  You can turn hoping into doing in just a few weeks.

There's always the next chapter...

If you can sense there's more for you and are willing to put in the work, you're in the right place.  

The truth is, this year you'll either:

  • Become the happiest, most confident version of yourself or not

  • Rock your dream business and double your income or not

  • Light up the love and connection in your relationships or not

  • Feel more beautiful, strong, and vibrant in your body or not​

  • Take the big leap to the next of living and doing life or not

What if you are just one decision away from getting the life you want? Transformation doesn't have to be HARD or take long.

I'm Kalli Wilson, the founder of the Life ReLaunch Project.  I want to help you create more WINS!​


You've got one shot to do life. Be decisive, take action and get going on the things that matter most to you. I'll show you how.


"This is the first life coaching course I've ever taken and I absolutely love, love, love it! I can't stop talking about it. I just want to share the tools, activities, and ah-mazing-ness with everyone!"

Shanell Chung, Start-Up Entrepreneur

"Kalli helped me to clarify my purpose. Within one month of participating in Life Relaunch, I launched my Acupressure and Relaxation Therapy practice. My business is now exploding! I have clients in California, Kansas, Oregon, Australia, Arizona, and Hawaii. Kalli will call forth your greatness!  No more excuses.  Get your soul synced, my friends!"

Uakea Egami, Holistic Practioner,Wailaau Road  

What's Included?

  • Everything you need to get your life, home, health, and business back in order to feel even more charged and excited about your future

  •  5 weeks of jam-packed video content delivered weekly through the members-only site to help you relaunch your life step-by-step ($997 value). No need to travel and you can go at your own pace.

  • A downloadable workbook with easy-to-follow assignments to keep you on track and help you get the most out of the course ($45 value)

  • Access to the interactive Facebook Group where Kalli and Soul Sync Coaches pop in to answer questions and give strategic advice. Members also connect to a community of like-minded people to compare notes, get feedback, and support ($500 value)

  • A FREE strategy call with a Soul Sync Coach ($150 value)

  • Essential Oils for Clarity & Creation  EBook ($19.50)

  • Wholesale access to high-quality wellness products and training for physical and emotional health ($135)

  • Optional Life Coaching Add-On (Small Group or Private)



Take your dreams to plans in just 5 weeks!


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Module 1:  Get Ready for a Reset 

  • Set up a Soul Sanctuary

  • Kick chaos to the curb with the 4 D’s

  • Learn the 4 Steps of the Soul Sync Method

  • Create a Power Playlist to get out of rut fast

  • Fire excuses and discover the real reason people feel stuck


Module 2: Write Your Next Chapter 

  • Learn Olympic Mindset training 

  • Clarify your priorities with the Prosperity Projection Meditation

  • Get the 5 Components of the  Life Focus Map

  • Lock & load your intention & direction for the next 10 years 


Module 3:  - Energetic Calibration & Vision Board Mapping

  • Bring your new chapter to life with a powerful vision board

  • Learn how most people do vision boards wrong so you can do it right

  • Get a Vision Board Map to ensure holistic life transformation

  • Learn the art of saying "no" and how to make confident decisions fast with the Energetic Calibration Technique


Module 4 : Become Your Own Life Strategist

  • Learn how to avoid the Squirrel Syndrome

  • Get the 4 pieces of a powerful Goal Strategy Plan

  • Combat goal overwhelm with the Baby Steps to Big Leaps guidelines

  • Supercharge your hustle with a 12-Month Life Strategy Plan and starting getting stuff - DONE


Module 5 - Acclimate to Your New Life 

  • Learn how to think and train like an ultra-athlete

  • Know the 4 Phases of a Goal 

  • Build your emotional resilience with a Peace Protection Plan

  • Simplify and protect your time with the Highest Priorities Checklist

Course Content

 “This program is life-changing. It’s opened my eyes to a new way of living.  I feel braver and more confident than ever before.

—Chelsie Call, Instagram Influencer & Mom of 2

“I took a deep dive into my hopes and dreams. I’ve already started to implement the changes recommended and have seen instant results.”

Danielle Heizenroth, Essential Oil RN & doTERRA Diamond

What could a serious Life Relaunch do for you?

You're ready! It's GO-TIME!

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