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Essential oils come from the roots, leaves, petals, bark, and seeds of plants, and they're AMAZING! They are an excellent, natural choice for everyday physical and emotional needs. 

If you think about it, plants have been around since the beginning of time. They have natural defenses that enable them to fend off predators, combat disease, and reproduce.  As we scientifically harness the power of these plants, we can experience their amazing benefits. 

I believe every home should have quality essentials oils that are pure, safe, affordable and proven to be scientifically effective.  Essential oils are great for kids too. No joke. I have a box of oils in my kitchen and it is crazy how often we are getting into them for bug bites, bumps and bruises (I have four boys), stuffy noses, and so much more.

I also customize blends for my coaching clients to help them experience breakthroughs even faster.  When you know what essential oils are, the quality to buy, and how to use them, it is a complete game-changer. 

I used to be a total skeptic. I thought essential oils were a pointless waste of money. I thought there was no scientific research to support essential oil use.  I didn't think they were "real" solutions to physical health and emotional needs.   After all, I was college-educated. I was raised by parents with medical backgrounds. Urrgh. I am embarrassed now by my arrogance. I just didn't know any better. 


What I believed couldn't have been farther from the truth. When I actually gave them a try (and did my homework), I was blown away. My first experience with oils was using doTERRA's Tea Tree for my baby's ear discomfort.  We had already been to the doctor's office three times. I didn't know if one drop could help, but I had nothing to lose.  

I diluted Tea Tree Oil, put it on a cotton ball and placed it near the opening of the ear. Within minutes my little guy stopped fussing and the next day he was back to normal.

Since then, I have thousands of essential oil success stories (and new ones every day). Essential oils have made such a difference.  I will be using essential oils for the rest of my life!

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